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Conceptions of the Mature Personality from Dr. Graves' Research


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"I should like to preface my conception with a few words about the way this class is being conducted, and what I have to say is no shit. It is the straight stuff.

I'm a senior in college but I wonder how I got there. Maybe they did not want to embarrass the old man because I sure did not go for the crap those professors dished out the first three years. In fact, of all the time I have given to school this is the first class that ever acted as if there was some respect for the people who don't think the way profs or teachers do. This is what education ought to be, not that poll parroting stuff we always get demanded. You would think no one knows anything except profs from the way most of them operate. But that is enough of that! What I believe mature personality is, is detailed below.

The mature woman can be seen through her analogue, the mature animal. She does not look for trouble but she is ever alert to its possibility. She has her antennae at the ready.

She takes nothing for granted. There's no certainties in the world so she organizes her domain so as to control and amplify her chances for success.

When others interfere with her domain she does not necessarily react to destroy or seriously harem them but to get them under control so as to drive them from her domain, but react with vigor and fury she can if necessary.

She gets away with what she can which will foster her chances lest she be considered a fool.

She is friendly with whoever are with her but watchfully so because she knows it is human nature to take people if you can.

She is too rational to ask for or take on that which is certain trouble but she will take advantage of any situation which is about to foster her success.

She is the one who has control of her world or whatever her organization is because she is not only one who can plan but is one who insists on running her affairs. She takes no shit.

She is able to shift attitudes as necessary. No fear, no doubt, no shame can stand in the way of her carrying out what she sees as the best.

She does not get bound up by the e old virtues crap because she knows life is what you make it to be, not what the sayers say it is. She knows that that which is best for her is best for all.

The mature does not cast people into molds. She knows her opinion is a good as anyone's because nothing is certain except the certainty of one's own experience.

The last thing the mature would do would be to let others manage her affairs. It is she who looks out for herself and her interests.

She watches her impulses but she has no fear for using them in her own best interests are endangered.

She does not spend time contemplating who she is or what it is all about.; She knows and she knows, she knows."

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