To find the names and web access for a wide range of people and groups who have applied and further developed ideas based in Dr. Graves' theory, go to the Source Section and visit the Bibliography

Additions to the bibliography are always welcome at Please include links to the relevant documents. Because a great many reinterpretations and offshoots now exist, only papers directly related to Dr. Graves' and his original work will be included here. Applications and adaptations can be found elsewhere, especially the Spiral Dynamics sites.

This site exists as a resource of foundational materials about the emergent, cyclical point of view and to document the process of theory development. Those who actually knew or worked with Dr. Graves are invited to share their experiences and recollections. is sponsored by Chris Cowan and Natasha Todorovic with the special contributions of Dr. Graves' colleagues and friends, Linda Wiens of the Quetico Centre, Atikokan, Ontario, Canada, and the "archivist" of the papers of Dr. Graves, Mr. William R. Lee of Great Falls, VA. It is home of the Clare Graves Society.

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