The meaning and message of Clare Graves' work has been passed through many filters over the years. This page allows his ideas, written and verbal, to be shared so Dr. Graves can explain his Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory to you in his own words. 

The Never Ending Quest
The book which Clare W. Grave was working on when his health failed and he was forced to curtail writing. We are making the chapters he had completed on the theory, his research, verification, and implications available for study. In addition, the editors (Christopher Cowan and Natasha Todorovic) have reconstructed the missing middle section covering details of the levels of existence from Dr. Graves's other writings and from audio recordings of him discussing the work in presentations and seminars. 

Clare W. Graves: Levels of Human Existence

... a new transcription of recorded notes by William R. Lee from Dr. Graves's presentation at the Washington School of Psychiatry, 1971, with handout materials, diagrams, and data summary. Also, an authorized reprint of the classic 1970 Journal of Humanistic Psychology article, "Levels of Existence: An Open Systems Theory of Values" (not available electronically).

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