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Conceptions of the Mature Personality from Dr. Graves' Research

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"There is little doubt in my mind as to what makes mature personality. I learned that at the end of my old man's switch and I'm not likely to forget it. The grown-up learns and particularly he learns nothing comes lest you put out first. Right is right and wrong is wrong and if you are going to be mature you better learn it, the sooner the better.; It always has been this way and it will always be because that is the way it is. My old man learned if from his and his old man learned it from his father, and my kids are going to learn it form me because that is the law of the land.

We were not put on this earth go get something for nothing. We were not put here to want or to wish for or t have evil thoughts. We were put here to do right and see to it that other people do right too. it is our duty to strike wrong whenever we find it. The mature personality knows what the rules are and he knows if he violates them he should get it. Life is a serious business with no place for frivolousness in it. He knows what he is allowed to wish for and he knows what is forbidden and he behaves accordingly. Any mature man has got his duties and he does them even if he does not want to because it would be wrong of him not to do so. If he does not the grown-up knows he should be punished. There is no place for self-serving sentimentally in becoming of age.

One thing that bothers me about this work is what the kids said in class about God, heaven and the like. I didn't see a mature person seeing God as nice and loving. God is vengeful, he is to be feared. he is not some nice old grandfather-like guy. Tom me it is hell that you have got to fear more than you look for heaven. God says there are laws we must live by or He will see to it we pay for it in the future. That's what being fully grown is . The mature he is that guy who watches out for evil that is in us. he is that guy who learns to keep evil own and strive against it."

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