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Conceptions of the Mature Personality from Dr. Graves' Research


Nodal DQ (Example # 1)

"This assignment was to develop on our won and in writing, our personal conception of what is the psychologically mature person in operation. Dr. Graves, I have found this to be a most difficult task. It is my honest belief that what is a mature personality is determined by that power which determines good and evil in the world. God created man and God has indicated in His Ten Commandments the principles by which the human should live. It is not for me to decide what God pretended. If God had wanted man to decide he would have indicated that. He would not have "commanded". As a result one cannot easily fulfill this assignment. I have thought very much about how I could fulfill this assignment. the only way it can be done is within God's design.; Therefore, since God did give man free will to choose, in this context, to be mature or immature, I have decided the only way I can fulfill the assignment is to decry what I think God meant by each of his commandments .I do hope for your forgiveness if wrong of if this does not satisfy the requirements.

Thou shalt have no other God before me.

This commandment, in operation, questions the right of man to decide what the mature person is. This assignment, as stated to us, would place man before God because it would not be God who determines the mature personality. The mature personality accepts what God commands. He does not, in arrogance take unto himself that which is not in his domain. The mature knows that God, in His omniscience, knows best. He lives for this rule.

Thou shalt not make any graven image.

The dictionary says this means one does not make an image of God in wood or in stone. This the mature person does not do. it is one reason why this assignment is an improper assignment, though I may be wrong, since the dictionary said no image in wood or stone. It seems to me if I sculpted my picture of the mature personality, I would be creating a graven image. This is because God created man in his own image. Thus an image of the mature human being would be a graven image of God.

Thou shalt not take the name of thy Lord thy God in vain.

This is what I have been c/trying to say. The mature personality operates so, as not to take the name of God in vain. He does not question what is the mature person. He accepts that it is what God says it is, because God says that is the road to everlasting peace and contentment.

Remember the Sabbath, keep it holy

The mature personality does on the Sabbath what holy means. he sets it apart and he devotes it to the service and worship of God. One sees that self is given to a sacred purpose.

Honor thy father and thy mother.

The mature personality does by word and deed honor his father and his mother. He does not criticize his parents since they are what God intended them to be. To criticize is to criticize God. The mature is thankful to his folks for having given him life and the opportunity to serve God in God's ways; he is not ungrateful like kids are today.

Thou shalt not kill

The mature personality does not kill. This is why so many people are unhealthy. They add to the commandment, except in the service of God. This is not right. God commanded "thou shalt not kill."

Thou shalt not commit adultery

This should be the easiest of all to fulfill because God gave man the will to control his impulses. man knows what it is for. it is to produce children. So the mature personality accepts this even, for example, if the wife is bares for if that happens, God intends that marriage to serve him in some other way.

Thou shalt not steal

I have heard some kids say, "How can I serve God if I am dead?" Therefore, if I am hungry God will not condemn me if I steal bread. this is not the mature personality in operation. The mature follows this commandment even if it means to suffer with the hunger of children. God tests man in many ways to see if he is worthy.

Thou shalt not bear false witness

Some who say they are mature personalities show they are (not?) through this commandment. They do not realize that not to bear false witness means not to fail to tell the truth even if the truth hurts;. Its only meaning is not, "Don't lie about a person." The mature personality tells the truth. He is honest all ways and at all times.

Thou shalt not covet

To covet is to want, to desire. The mature personality does not covet. He suppresses desire and he does not question any why others have. If God intended him to have he would have given to him. If God gives, it is not because man needs or desires or wishes. It is because God has to see if it is used to serve God's purpose. The mature person does not covet, she accepts."

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