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Conceptions of the Mature Personality from Dr.Graves' Research


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 "Life is a jungle - one god-damned great big jungle. It is survival of the fittest and that is all. Anybody who does not recognize this is not or will never be a grown up person. Life is competition, it is fight and struggle and get and take and hang on. Some they have got it to fight there way through it and some they just don't have it. The grownup he survives, or go down big in trying he's got it. He is the guy who fights to get what he needs and he keeps after it till he gets it. If he wants some chick he don't take no. He wears her down. One thing about him is he don't chicken, he don't let fear stand in his way.

If it has got to be done he does it he donít stay to think , he just does it. It don't matter who gets hurt thou it best it ainít him. There ain't no reason for him to feel guilty cause a man's got to live ain't he. This ain't no picnic world in which he live. It better he do what have to be done cause he can't hold his head up if he ain't a man. That's the way life is any grown guy know it. He know its him or me and it sure ain't going to be me if he's healthy. He gets what he can from this world and no one pushes him around, even if the dice is loaded its up to him to make them shake his way. If he don't what kind of man is he. Now don't you set me down Doc for saying this. You said to put down what we believed. I believe this and don't you ever forget it."

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