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Conceptions of the Mature Personality from Dr. Graves' Research


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"My conception of the mature personality, as I suspect are all conceptions, is based on how this world is and the men we are. Thought there are some who will profess to disagree with me, if they should really stop to think, they would agree that there are two facts of life upon which a conception of mature behaviour must be based One is men are not born equal, though they are bond dependent on one another. The other fact is that the strong must use the weak to fight this world and its other people in order to survive. Therefore, the mature personality insists that the world take cognizance of those realities.

To me the mature personality organizes to maintain his existence and the right way of life taking into consideration only those he must in order to survive. He sees to it that he organizes his world so as to improve his chances. He takes over and assigns roles to those less able to decide and sees to it they know what their roles are and live by them. He is meticulously careful to take care of those lesser ones who can help him so long as they are helpful but he realizes, because of his superior powers, that they are more expendable than he in the mundane of lie.

He takes seriously his duties to those who depend on him but he does not overdo it lest he raise wishes in them they are not competent to fulfill. He leads theme to do what is right by outstanding examples in his own life.

He maintains his position in the world as is appropriate for one of his competence by deed not by word, lest those who are dependent of him feel they be shamed in the eyes of others. He feels compassion for the fact that his dependent ones are not as he, but no undo qualms of guilt can enter into his decisions. His standards of action are high for himself and his kind but he readily recognizes the weaknesses in other men and his need to control them. So, he, through his superior competence sees to it that other people are organized so as to maintain the viability of that for which he is responsible. He enlarges his domain when it is to his advantage to do so and he is not overly hesitant as to how, if and when it becomes necessary.

He is ever watchful to his survival making arrangements whenever necessary, with whom ever necessary when they become necessary. These arrangements must take into consideration that the competent people in the world must care for the ones who are dependent on them.

He realizes that world could soon disintegrate into chaos if order were not impressed upon it. He knows the problem of unbridled lust in the lesser ones so he organizes so that normally the rules of living are quite strict upon them except as, through his largeness [sic], he provides them moment uninhibited exultation. It is by example in his own life that he brings forth the force for implementing his will. For example, any man worthy of his name, any woman worthy of being called a lady serves their human desires but in a manner that is properly formalized."

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