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_____, Your Dolphin High-Performance Business Brain: An Operator’s Manual, Brain

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            chapters on the author's personal engagement with it. 

_____, LEAP! How to Think Like a Dolphin & Do the Next Right, Smart Thing Come

            Hell or High Water (Brain Technologies Press, hardcover 2013 ISBN
            978-0945822073, ebook 2013). A 21st Century assessment of the Graves model.

            In so many words, the author encourages applying the pragmatism of the later stages

            of the Graves spiral to ne's circumstances no matter what belief or values system is

            being used. 


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            Medienanthropologie series, the first of which was Marshall McLuhan’s and 

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           Management & Motivation, 1994  (Dr. Jim Payne also offers assessment 

           materials at Management and Motivation, Inc.) 


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