Biographical Background of Dr. Clare W. Graves

                                                                                   compiled by William R. Lee*


Personal Data
Date of Birth:  December 21, 1914
Date of Death:  January 3, 1986
		University of Michigan, 1933-34 & 1936-37
	B. A.	Union College, Math and Sciences, 1940
	M. A.	Western Reserve University, Psychology, 1943
	Ph. D	Western Reserve University, Psychology, 1945
	Teaching Assistantship,
		Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio		1940-42
	Technical Associate Personnel Research Institute
	  of Western Reserve University				1942-43
	Criminal Psychologist, Cuyahoga County, Ohio			1943-45
	Instructor, Psychology, Fenn College			1943-45
	Instructor, Psychology, Case Institute of Technology		1943-45
	Assistant Professor, Case Institute of Technology		1945-46
	Clinical Psychologist, Cleveland Rehabilitation Center		1943-46
	Assistant Professor, Psychology, 
	  Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio			1945-46
	Associate Professor, Psychology, Union College
	  Schenectady, New York				1948-56
	Professor, Union College				1956-78 
Consulting Experience
1943-48	Consulting to various industrial and business organizations, among them Dresser Industries, 
                     Apex Vacuum, ALCOA, GM, etc.  Also clinical consultant to penal system in Cuyahoga County 
                     and the State of Ohio.
1948-8	Consultant on clinical problems, Juvenile Court of the State of  New York. Consultant on 
                     clinical, child, adolescent and geriatric problems, Ellis Hospital, Schenectady, New York.
1950-62	Clinical Staff Psychologists, Schenectady Rehabilitation Center.
1957-63 	Consultant, New York Bell System and personnel practices and problems.
      	Consultant to various business, industrial and education organizations, 	among them - U.S.D.A.,
                     Department of Welfare and Institutions, State of Virginia, New York State Department of Civil 
                     Service, New York State Department of Mental Hygiene, etc.
	"The Deterioration of Work Standards," Harvard Business Review, September and October, 1966.
	"Levels of Existence: An Open System Theory of Values," Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 
	  November, 1970.
	"Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap," The Futurist, April, 1974.
Other Papers and Publications
	See the Source tab bibliography, Clare W. Graves section, for a chronological listing of other items
	Graves: Levels of Human Existence. (2002) Transcription of Dr. Grave's 1971 seminar at the Washington School
                        of Psychiatry compiled and edited by William R. Lee, Christopher Cowan and Natasha Todorovic, 
                        ECLET Publishing.  Santa Barbara. (Order from Store) Book includes a reprint of Graves's 1970 article in the 
                        Journal of Humanistic Psychology, "Levels of Existence: An Open System Theory of Values."
	The Never Ending Quest: Clare W. Graves Explores Human Nature. (2005) The manuscript Dr. Graves
                        had in progress when his health failed, fleshed out with excerpts from his other writings and seminars. 
                        Compiled and edited by Christopher Cowan and Natasha Todorovic. ECLET Publishing. Santa Barbara.
                        (Order from Store)  
* This is a brief and early biographical background description and is based on a combination 
    of a copy of the Vita as of September, 1961 and 1970, and some later personal correspondence.

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