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 Q1:  I have also been studying TRIZ, the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving" developed by G. Atlshuller who lived in the Soviet Union (and died in 1998). One of the post powerful tools of TRIZ is the Theory of Technological Evolution. With it, you can predict the next stages of technological development. I believe that the Spiral Dynamics model comes closest to a "theory of social evolution" which I would love to work on. Do you know if anyone is working on the Graves Model and problem solving systems like TRIZ? 


Q2:  I am concluding some research into the impact of downsizing and have used the 'map' as a framework to examine management response to this. Are there any papers on the topic from a Gravesian perspective? If so I would be interested in the references and the general area of study and if possible where copies of such literature might be obtained. Thank you for any assistance you might be able to offer.


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