This website is dedicated to the life, research and thinking of 

Dr. Clare W. Graves 
Professor Emeritus Psychology,
Union College, New York.

These pages are also meant for the thousands of students and colleagues
involved in his original research and all the rest of us around the world 
who have been touched by the power of
Clare Grave
 "Emergent, Cyclical, Levels of Existence"
point of view.


 Compiled and maintained by Chris Cowan, Natasha Todorovic, and 
William R. Lee, the "Archivist of the Gravesian Legacy" 

Explore Levels of Existence
Theory and Dr. Graves's 
research in this synopsis 
based on notes and a 
seminar transcription. 
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The most comprehensive look at Dr. Graves's ideas drawn from the unfinished manuscript of his book, other writings, and presentations.

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