Levels of Existence as Seen by Dr. Clare W. Graves
from... "Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap," The Futurist, April 1974

Learning System


Motivational System

Specific Motivation


End Values

Nature of Existence

Problems of Existence
 A-N Habituation Automatic Physiological Periodic physiological needs No conscious value system No conscious value system  Automatic Maintaining physiological stability
 B-O Classical conditioning  Autistic Assurance Aperiodic physiological needs Traditionalism Safety Tribalistic Achievement of relative safety
 C-P Operant conditioning  Egocentric Survival Psychological survival Exploitation Power Egocentric Living with self-awareness
 D-Q Avoidant learning Absolutistic Security Order, meaning Sacrifice Salvation Saintly Achieving ever-lasting peace of mind
 E-R Expectancy Multiplistic Independence Adequacy, competency Scientism Materialism Materialistic Conquering the physical universe
 F-S Observational Relativistic Affiliation Love, affiliation Sociocentricity Community Personalistic Living with the human element
 G-T All learning systems open Systemic Existential Self-worth Accepting Existence Cognitive Restoring viability to a disordered world
 H-U All learning systems open  Differential Experience ?????? Experiencing Communion Experientialistic Accepting existential dichotomies
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